Our Committee 2015/2016:

Akeyulerre has a strong governance structure with a strong Constitution. The system is both a cultural governance system where the senior people guide all work and decision making alonside a Western system that ensures all our financial and associated work is accountable. We are proud of the strength of our unique governance system.
Chairwoman   –  Philipene Gorey

Chairman  –  Stephen Kernan

Emergency Delegate  –  Margarent Scobie

Secretary  –  Tisha Cartwright

Treasurer  –  Lorraine Gorey

Public Officer  –  Amunda Gorey

Committee Members:

-  Mervyn Rubuntja

-  Amelia Turner

-  Julie Hayes

-  Margaret Kemarre Turner (OAM)

-  Agnes Abbott

- Irene Davis

- Patricia Webb

- Eva Hayes

- Leonie Palmer

- Ursula Nicholoff

- Pamela Lynch

- Tyrone Lynch

- Peter Wallace

- Patricia Drover

- Theresa Drover

- Janisa Ryder

- Theresa Ryder