Akeyulerre is a place that allows supports Arrernte people to enjoy, strengthen and celebrate their cultural and social life, creating economic opportunities from cultural knowledge practices.

Akeyulerre Operations

Centre Coordinator: Donna Campbell

Manager: Jane Ulrik

Family Support, NT Department of Children and Families, until June 2013

Our core funding covers a three year agreement providing an avenue for Arrernte families to re-engage with each other and their environment in a positive and healthy way.

Centre Hours Monday to Thursday 0900 to 1700.  We support Arrernte Elders to pass on knowledge, support Ngankeres in their healing work and collect prepare and provide bush medicines to our people. We help support people to access the services that are available in the community and provide whole – of – family support, because we realise that people’s health and well-being is linked to the health and well-being of the community. The centre provides a safe environment free from violence and stress, where families support each other. We hold family BBQ nights, conduct country visits, visit Elders in the community and support access to healing ceremony for mainstream services in addition to local families.

Angkwerre-Iweme (Traditional healing)

Coordinator: Kat Hope

Healing Foundation, Commonwealth, to June 2013

This exciting three year project incorporates Ngangkere Practice (Traditional Healers), old and young. Awelya (smoking) and Healing Practice. This includes animals and plants incorporating the broader ‘bush pharmacy’. The project also includes recording, documenting, teaching and supporting Arrernte Healing practices and knowledge, and Ngangkere arunthe apurte-irrem (lot’s of Ngankere coming together), a gathering of traditional healers.

Ingkenteme (Bush schools)

Co-ordinator: Penny Drysdale

Anglicare Communities for Children, Commonwealth,  to July 2013

This is the second stage of a two year opportunity for us to provide the teaching of ‘old way knowledge’ to young Arrernte children on country. We take children with Elders onto their country to learn all aspects of their relationships, songs, story and dance in an environment that values cultural systems of knowledge transfer.

Apurtelhe – Ileme (Bringing together)

Co-ordinator: Samantha Hussey

Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, Commonwealth, to December 2013

Inspiring young Arrernte people – through science and Indigenous ecological knowledge.

This project aims to inspire young Arrernte people by producing a sustainable crop of bush medicines. It will enable young people to develop skills in propagation and other horticultural techniques alongside traditional knolwedge. This has been made possible through our partnership with the Arid Zone Reseach Institute (AZRI), who have offered access to expertise as well as access to arable land, nursery equipment and irrigation.

Interrentye Bush Products (Social enterprise)

Co-ordinators: Patricia Drover, Myra Gorey

No funding support, however accommodation at AZRI has enabled clean storage and facilities for product development.

Development social enterprise to support the employemnt of elders to teach traditional knowledge and young people to incorporate knowledge into employment opportunities and put back into their community.

Artwekenhe-Warrke (Men’s program)

Co-ordinator: Tyrone Lynch

Office Prime Minister and the Arts, Indigenous Community Support, Commonwealth, to June 2013

Food and fuel support for country educational trips for Arrernte men.

Other Activities:

Indigenous Ecological Knowledge projects, CSIRO, Central Land Council

Young people’s Bush Stories, CSIRO, Desert Knowledge

Arrulenye-lyetenye (Old way-New way): An ethnobotanical study into the contemporary use of traditional medicines of the Arrernte community in Alice Springs – Master’s thesis by Samantha Hussey Macquarie University , Sydney.

Akeyulerre Evaluation Report 2010, Charles Darwin University, Tangentyere Council click here to read.