Akeyulerre is a place where Arrernte people work together to keep their culture strong, to ensure it is a living culture, to ensure it is passed on to the next generations. All Australians can take an interest in, and support, this important work. The purchase of our enterprise building will ensure the important work of healing the community will continue. It will provide access to the broader community to learn from Arrernte people, and to engage in a beneficial way for the benefit of all.

We are a registered charity, any donation over $2 is tax deductible.

We have recently received funds through the Aboriginal Benefits Account to purchase the property in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) where we have been operational since 2000. In addition we were able to purchase the property next door as our social enterprise arm. These buildings will provide us with a strong future for the next generations however, we are seeking support to bring the building up to a standard that supports the enterprise and ensures the safety of all who enter.


$50 – $100

Helps for materials to collect, prepare and distribute bush medicines to our community


$250 – $500

Intergenerational family country visits, taking kids, young people, adults and elders together onto country, to learn, listen, heal, respect, and strengthen culture, family and community



Larger donations are currently being used to build our capacity to employ local young people and elders.



Program specific – our current priory areas are: Interrentye Enterprise Development (to create employment for young people); Artwekenhe-Warrke (Men’s program); Ingenteme (Bush Schools). Donations can be discussed with the donor to target Akeyulerre work that is of particular interest to the donor.


If you would like to make a donation, click on the link below.